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A No Commission Financial Advisor! 

Newmarket Advisors, Inc. is an independent, fee-only investment advisory firm located in Plantation, Florida. We provide ongoing customized portfolio management solutions designed to meet your unique needs. We specialize in working with people who expect honest, straight-forward, reasonably priced advice from someone who takes their needs seriously and puts their interests first...whether they have $100,000 or millions to invest. People just like you!   

We are a FIDUCIARY! That means at Newmarket Advisors, Inc. we are legally required to do what is BEST for our clients.... Nothing less! 

For almost two decades I have been putting principal before profit for our Newmarket Advisor's clients. It is critical to partner with a financial advisor whose interests are always aligned with yours. The motivation of your financial advisor should never be in doubt!

You enjoy life while we help you invest! It's that simple!

The foundation of your relationship with an advisor is trust. At Newmarket Advisors, Inc. we volunteer information about our licensing, registration and compliance records so that you can make a safer advisor selection decision. In addition, as an Independent Registered Investment Advisor, Newmarket Advisors, Inc. is an acknowledged FIDUCIARY, which means that we are held to higher ethical and legal standards and MUST ALWAYS ACT IN OUR CLIENT'S BEST INTEREST.

If you want a huge financial conglomerate with thousands of employees to be your financial advisor, then we are not for you!  We are small, personalized, are client responsive, review our client's portfolios on a daily to weekly basis and talk to all our clients as often as they wish.

To find out more about our services call us anytime at 954-253-5812 or simply click here to send us an e-mail. 

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Every investment strategy has the potential for profit and loss!

Our primary job is to help you achieve your goals by growing your portfolio and your wealth!  We do not sell you financial products!

On an ongoing basis we review and assist you in other areas such as: College Planning, Senior Income, Estate Planning, Retirement Solutions, Long Term Care, Insurance Planning, Charitable Gifting, Tax Planning, Cash Flow & Budgeting, IRA's & 401K's, 403B's and Annuities. There is no additional fee for this assistance!

We become your Personal Wealth Manager and Wealth Coach!

So you can learn more about us, we offer a Free no obligation portfolio review and consultation at your home or office.

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