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Our Mission Statement

At Newmarket Advisors, Inc. we believe in the value of comprehensive, continuous, professional financial management. We strive to understand what is important to you and to manage your affairs to achieve your goals. Our expectation is to build a committed relationship with you over your lifetime.

These core beliefs are integral to what we do:

  • Our primary goal is your complete and total financial security throughout your entire life. We believe it is our responsibility to alert you to anything that may jeopardize this outcome. 
  • We believe that once lost, personal wealth is not easily restored. Financial security must be carefully safeguarded. We practice a prudent approach to investment management, through asset allocation and a continuous assessment of market risk versus reward. 
  • We believe that "building wealth is a marathon, not a sprint" 
  • We take a Holistic approach to your financial health. Although our emphasis is on overseeing and growing your financial portfolio we continually guide you in other areas, such as: insurance, college planning, retirement, real estate, business solutions and even auto purchases. 
  • We believe that our contribution to your success stems from our professional competence and our independence from product purveyors. 
  • We believe in integrating taxes, cash flow, investments, estate planning and risk management. We believe all of these areas are integral for achieving and maintaining personal financial success. 
  • Our work together is an interactive process. The outcome is generally a course of action, and not necessarily a document. Success is achieved over time.
  • We believe that mutual trust and respect form the cornerstone of our relationship. 
  • Financial planning is personal and is enhanced by the quality of our mutual communications and the openness of our relationship.
  • At Newmarket Advisors, Inc. our service is tailored to your individual style. We believe that your peace of mind is paramount!