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The Process


At Newmarket Advisors, Inc. our wealth management process is thorough, on-going, and carefully executed. It is broken down as follows: 


  • We first hold a no charge, no obligation initial meeting at your home or office. This can be a weekday, evening or weekend. This discussion typically this takes an hour or more at which time we discuss your present financial needs and your long term financial goals. We talk about risk tolerance and asset diversification. 
  • We ask you for the most current data you have available regarding your financial condition; such as recent investment statements, tax returns, insurance policies, wills, trust documents, etc. We will also talk about insurance, real estate, college funding and more
  • We review with you our Newmarket Advisors, Inc. investment philosophy, past returns, and our Investment Advisory Agreement and Forms ADV parts A and B.
  • An Investment Advisory Agreement is signed by both parties.
  • You fill out our Newmarket Advisors, Inc. Client Profile Confirmation / Investment Policy Statement Questionnaire that gives us a written understanding of your Risk Tolerance.
  • Taking into account your risk tolerance and investment horizon, we customize a diversified portfolio that will help you achieve your goals by allocating assets across major asset classes.  This is primarily no load mutual funds, exchange traded funds and some equity securities. In most cases we consolidate any current separate accounts you now hold under a new account or accounts with Fidelity Investments, Inc. 
  • We complete all change forms and paperwork for you and present them for your review and signature.


  • Your portfolio is monitored regularly to insure that it is tracking consistently with your goals. 
  • Fidelity Investments Inc. or your custodian offers a secure web site 24 hours a day that is accessible only by using a secure ID and password.  Performance is updated daily. 


  • Every month you will be provided with a report from your custodian showing the performance of your portfolio.  We will offer to meet with you to discuss this performance and to address any other concerns you may have.  Of course, we are always available to talk and to meet with you as the need arises. We encourage constant communication.
  • As needed, we modify and reallocate your portfolio because of changing market and economic conditions, in order to consistently meet your goals.
  • You will receive a detailed Year End Account Summary from your Custodian that will include everything needed for tax reporting.